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What can Speech Analysis do for you?

Using Speech analysis for emotion detection and risk assessment

Nemesysco Speech AnalysisNemesysco is developing for the past 20 years (since 1997) advanced technologies for Speech Analysis. Nemesysco’s focus is on non-invasive investigation and security tools, Insurance and financial fraud prevention solutions, call center quality assurance applications and psychological diagnostic tools.

All Nemesysco’s products and services are based on Layered Voice Analysis (LVA), our proprietary and patent protected Speech analysis technology – invented by Amir Liberman, Nemesysco’s CEO and founder and a group of domain experts from the fields of mathematics, investigation, psychology and speech sciences.

Nemesysco CRM develops speech analysis software solutions and services that leverage the attributes of LVA analysis technology to meet the needs of the commercial and financial markets.

Nemesysco Security is committed to the prevention of crime and terror anywhere in the world using the most advanced noninvasive speech-analysis technologies available. Nemesysco Security develops turn-key and embedded solutions for professional investigation management and investigation rooms, access control and airport security, crime and terror prevention and intelligence gathering.

Use Nemesysco speech technologies to build your own solutions:

Nemesysco gives you the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of Emotion Detection and Veracity Assessment by integrating its technology into your solutions. Combining features of speech analysis and emotion detection creates added value and can provide you a competitive edge.

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