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Amir Liberman was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1972.

Amir Liberman on Time Magazine
Amir Liberman on the Lying Game

Amir is a worldwide leading researcher in the field of human voice analysis, and the first to identify the 3 basic sensations in the human voice: Excitement (positive sensation), Stress (negative sensation) and uncertainty (cognitive stress).

Amir began his voice analysis research in 1997, in response to a terror attack that took the life of 3 young mothers in Israel. His original intention was to build the “ultimate lie detector” based on speech analysis and other more common techniques of veracity assessment, but quickly changed the scope of his research to explore unique properties of the voice he identified in his preliminary test cases.

Liberman’s first voice related patent was published at 1998, summarizing a research of 2 years, leading the way to the development of the first ever commercial computerized emotion detector. His more recent discoveries and additional novel vocal parameters were published in his second voice analysis patent from 1999, identifying “Concentration”, “Anticipation” and “Arousal” (Also known as the “Love Detector” patent).

Amir Liberman on Speech Technology
Speech Technologies cover on Nemesysco Speech analysis

Amir Liberman was the first to address the different approach needed in assessing the apparent Rapport with a person, in contrast to his true underlying feelings – which cannot be done by the traditional phonetic measurements.

Being a self educated researcher, Liberman’s methods of research are very unique and unfamiliar to the world of traditional phonetics, as most of his research is done in real-life settings and not in a mocked laboratory atmosphere.

Amir formed Nemesysco, Ltd. in April of 2000, to manage all his IP rights and development projects. Since then, he has invested all his efforts and resources in perfecting and fine-tuning LVA technology and its applications for home-land security needs, fraud prevention solutions, call centers utilities and CRM applications.

In his most recent discovery to date (first published in 2005), Amir Liberman was the first to identify and classify “Anger”, “Happy” and “Upset”, 3 of the most critical emotions in call center settings. These identification techniques are considered a special secret know how of Nemesysco Ltd and are not disclosed in patents.


Amir Liberman lecture at TEDx Amsterdam
Amir Liberman – TEDx 2012

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“Lies are told to change the future. To change the course of things to come…”)




“I believe most people are decent, and I know sometimes people lie to survive. I know that few will cheat because they choose so, to live off the backs of others. I do not accept anyone should tolerate this fraud, and I don’t agree with societies and financial firms that make you and I pay for the wrong doing of others. I choose fairness and justice above all.” (Amir Liberman, 2007)