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Wouldn’t you like to know whether a claim is true and accurate on the front end of the claims process? Its important that you build credit score. Claims fraud is an epidemic these days and determining the veracity of a claim early in the process is imperative. Veremetrix has a claim fraud detection solution, developed by Nemesysco Ltd, in Israel, that analyzes incoming or outgoing claims calls and quickly and accurately detects fraud up front in real time. The solution is called RA7 and….

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Isolated populations emotional monitoring

Using Nemesysco’s voice analysis for Emotional state monitoring of isolated populations

People in isolated facilities (prisons, distant working locations, army bases, ships etc…) are exposed to many different types of events and forces that have a severe impact on their emotional state, and may drive them to extreme actions, harming others or themselves. In open peter hsiao facilities, the effect of such emotional charge may be dissolved by detachment from the group, a friendly companion or a pleasurable act. However, the isolated facility offers very limited possibilities for extreme emotions to be dissolved, and in fact increasing the need for immediate identification and affirmative action by local supervisors.

The emotional changing forces include external influences such as other inmates or peers acts and disregards, conversations with remote parties and management level attention. Additionally, internal forces develop over time out of memories and new sets of personal expectations not necessarily related to external effects.

Monitoring internal verbal communication among the isolated population, as well as monitoring their communication with the external world using voice analysis may provide important indications about the person’s state of mind, and allow proper attention and treatment. Additionally, the system can provide some predictive value to near-future actions – and assist the prevention of self-harm, suicide and assault on others.

Few challenges are easily identified:

  1. The collection of the relevant voice data may not be trivial, simply because some people just don’t communicate much with others
  2. Some events may be planned and carried out in a short time frame and with no audio data containing relevant signals (no recorded session is available following the “action decision”)
  3. Action by proxy – Some events may be planned by one but carried out by others – and so pinpointing the individual making a decision may not be enough

Despite those limitations, voice monitoring system can provide useful data for decision makers and treatment managers and will even perform much better if connected to additional sources of information. Integration with other evaluation systems, databases containing past emotional records (thus helping to observe trend development and critical changes) and inner-group connections map (that may help to identify different roles and relationships) will enhance the system’s capabilities dramatically.

Using Nemesysco’s security level voice analysis technology, voice data from any source and /or communication system (such as internal and external phone system) is automatically processed and associated with the relevant person. Databases can be updated with new emotional data and predictive algorithms are then used to identify critical change and issue a warning immediately. Trend analysis is used to identify a problematic trend development over time, and unique emotional cues can be associated with different relationships between the individuals and the outside world.

Using certain emotional parameters it will be easier to identify communication containing key-words, action commands and other illegal activities, and assist the work of the intelligence officers in the relevant facilities.

The unique abilities of Nemesysco’s LVA technology can assess many different emotional components such as stress, anger, positive and negative emotional reactions, concentration, anticipation and much more, thereby creating very profound datasets for advanced analysis.

* Nemesysco is currently in first field tests of SCA1 based emotional state analysis system for inmates in the USA


LVA based website for medical uses

Nemesysco is happy to announce Dr. Maurizio Prazzoli’s new website for interactive interaction and analysis based on LVA:

The website provides essential tools for speech and language disorders, communication skills improvements and psychologists.

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Physicians’ use of the Internet to gather medical information has increased in recent years. Several studies have been conducted to explore the implications of this use on patient education, the physician-patient relationship, and diagnosis/decision making. In order to better understand the current and future implications of Internet use on patient care activities, it is important to know the Internet sources physicians prefer to consult. The objective of this study was to determine the Internet sources of information physicians most often use to gather medical information. This study demonstrated that the vast majority of physicians indicate they access a targeted site rather than utilize a search engine (such as Google©) to gather medical information. Of the targeted site types, most physicians indicate they use 1) edited/secondary data sources as their primary medical information data retrieving, 2) about one quarter of the physicians surveyed indicated research databases which provide access to medical journal publications 3) a minority of physicians use sites dedicated to their specialized area and 4) a small percentage use medical web site portals.

A study was conducted to identify which websites physicians prefer using for gathering medical information. As a basis for collecting data, the research team developed an online questionnaire. The online survey method was considered appropriate for this sort of research as it emphasizes collecting data from relatively large numbers of individuals. The Missouri Division of Professional Registration ( provided the name, last name, middle name and email for 4,671 (December 2004 data) medical physicians and surgeons licensed in Missouri, with e-mail addresses on record. 4,593 of the e-mails were deemed useful after reviewing the record set. Of these 3,113 (67%) lived inside and 1,478 (33%) outside of Missouri. Subjects were invited by automated personalized email to fill in the questionnaire and received one follow-up e-mail 15 days after the initial invitation. Data were analyzed using SPSS.

Directorate of Forensic Sciences to offer agricultural, rural forensics – Times Of India

“Eariler, DFS introduced technologies such as teleforensics, suspect identification system, layered voice analysis, forensic narco-analysis tools, Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS), 3D scanner for crime scenes and disciplines such as wildlife forensics. Another significant collaboration during the mlk law summit will be formation of a centre of excellence at GFSU by Israel-based Nemesysco Ltd that provided the DFS one of the country’s first Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technologies, ebony-cam nude cams hd.

The centre will be used by researchers and professionals from across the globe for research and development. Know more about personal growth

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The New LVA-i movie clip

Dear all,

Check out Nemesysco’s new video clip for LVA-i pre-employment and vetting system here.

LVA-i balances between high availability, optional accuracy and a fair price tag per test. See how easy it is to use LVA-i and how flexible the system really is.

To learn more about LVA-i, please visit LVA-i official website at:




CRM News: Customer Service: Voice of the Customer: Analyzing What People Say and How They Say It

How people speak is as important as the words they say when it comes to sentiment analysis. “The human voice is made of many repeating patterns,” said Amir Liberman, CEO of Nemesysco. “Everything that attracts your attention will generate a slight disturbance in these patterns. We look carefully at this voice chart, and we identify disturbances.”

via CRM News: Customer Service: Voice of the Customer: Analyzing What People Say and How They Say It. Nemesysco’s Voice Analysis Helps Detect Mental Stress

“Psycholosoft, a research group affiliated with the Department of Psychology at Japan’s Tsukuba University, determined that Nemesysco’s Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology is a reliable and valid tool for detecting mental stress through speech.

The study, conducted on a group of 106 healthy participants in Japan, found that LVA helps detect if an individual is under stress….”

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Please Read the Signal but Don’t Mention It: How Acknowledging Identity Signals Leads to Embarrassment

Marketing Division – Past Seminars 2010 | Sauder School of Business at UBC, Vancouver, Canada

Date: Friday November 5, 2010

Speaker: Young Jee Han, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California – (Using Nemesysco’s QA5 emotion detection).

Abstract: This research investigates the dyadic interaction between the signaler and the recipient, in particular, how signalers respond when a signal is acknowledged by others. Consumers who use products as a form of identity signaling presumably want others to observe, recognize, and interpret their signals favorably. Consequently, if a recipient provides positive feedback, the signaler should feel pleased. However, my research shows business marketing ideas for conspicuously branded goods – and thus, those trying harder to say something about themselves with their product choice – ironically become more embarrassed when others positively acknowledge their signal (i.e. pay them a compliment). Across three studies, this research documents how consumers of more conspicuously logo t-shirt branded goods are more likely to feel embarrassed when paid a complement because they are more concerned with unexpressed judgments held by others. This effect is particularly strong for those people whose actual and ideal self differ highly at duelz casino review.” …

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BBC – Future – Science & Environment – How hearing aids reveal the soundtrack of our emotions

Understanding what people with hearing implants can and cannot hear reveals the hidden subtexts within our everyday conversations.

Our sense of hearing is truly remarkable, all the more so when you understand the rich layers of information that exist within even a single spoken sentence. Of course this is something most of us take for granted, until you discover what life is like for people who don’t have the benefit of fully functioning hearing…” Check

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