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Speech analysis corporate solutionsSpeech Analysis Software – Corporate Solutions

Nemesysco CRM develops speech analysis software solutions and services that leverage the attributes of LVA analysis technology to meet the needs of the commercial and financial markets.


SDKQA5 is a speech analysis SDK for call center software developers and integrators
QA5 speech analysis

QA5 (SDK) – Speech Analysis for automated quality assurance and customer relationship management

Nemesysco’s QA5 technology engine (Software Development Kit) integrates into your existing call center solution to seamlessly analyze pre-recorded and/or ongoing calls and automatically highlight relevant calls demanding the supervisor’s attention. QA5 outputs can further be used for automated report generation, staff and shifts optimization, automated scoring systems, and far more…


RA7 is a fraud prevention solution for insurance and financial organizations

RA7 – Fraud Prevention Solutions for insurance companies and financial institutions

Stop fraud. Assist your genuine customers faster at their time of need.

The RA7 Fraud Prevention speech analysis software solution is designed to provide an answer to the ever growing epidemic of insurance and financial fraud by providing rapid risk assessment on incoming claims.

RA7 is a combination of various software solutions designed both for the call center level as well as for your SIU (Special Investigation Units), coupled with advanced investigation management protocols, as well as other tools and techniques.


LVA-i pre-employment screening solution
Vetting and pre-employment screening

LVA-i Platform – Automated speech analysis questioning platform

LVA-i is a fully automated multimedia testing platform, designed for administration of different types of questionnaires and surveys for a variety of purposes. LVA-i performs emotion analysis and/or credibility assessment on the received vocal responses and generates an automated final report. The platform is comprised of LVA-i software and a high quality USB “phone” like handset.LVA-I is using Macromedia Flash™ based questionnaires to enable attractive and simple design of questionnaires, flexibility of deployment, and a leverage over the more advanced features of Flash apps.

LVA-i HR – Human resources pre-employment screening / honesty maintenance

Fair integrity assessment for your Human Resources needs
Based on Nemesysco’s LVA-I platform, LVA-I HR is a revolutionary product in the human resources integrity and risk assessment fields. LVA-i HR Optimizes the employee screening and selection process, and promotes fair hiring practices by providing non-biased, accurate risk potential assessments on various relevant topics.

LVA-i CR – Credit Risk Assessment

LVA-I CR is another derivative of the new Nemesysco’s LVA-I platform, further adopted to meet the needs of financial organizations providing loans and micro-loans.

LVA-i Market Research

Using LVA-I interactive speech analysis software platform for market research and customer satisfaction surveys.