LVA based website for medical uses

Nemesysco is happy to announce Dr. Maurizio Prazzoli’s new website for interactive interaction and analysis based on LVA:

The website provides essential tools for speech and language disorders, communication skills improvements and psychologists.

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Physicians’ use of the Internet to gather medical information has increased in recent years. Several studies have been conducted to explore the implications of this use on patient education, the physician-patient relationship, and diagnosis/decision making. In order to better understand the current and future implications of Internet use on patient care activities, it is important to know the Internet sources physicians prefer to consult. The objective of this study was to determine the Internet sources of information physicians most often use to gather medical information. This study demonstrated that the vast majority of physicians indicate they access a targeted site rather than utilize a search engine (such as Google©) to gather medical information. Of the targeted site types, most physicians indicate they use 1) edited/secondary data sources as their primary medical information data retrieving, 2) about one quarter of the physicians surveyed indicated research databases which provide access to medical journal publications 3) a minority of physicians use sites dedicated to their specialized area and 4) a small percentage use medical web site portals.

A study was conducted to identify which websites physicians prefer using for gathering medical information. As a basis for collecting data, the research team developed an online questionnaire. The online survey method was considered appropriate for this sort of research as it emphasizes collecting data from relatively large numbers of individuals. The Missouri Division of Professional Registration ( provided the name, last name, middle name and email for 4,671 (December 2004 data) medical physicians and surgeons licensed in Missouri, with e-mail addresses on record. 4,593 of the e-mails were deemed useful after reviewing the record set. Of these 3,113 (67%) lived inside and 1,478 (33%) outside of Missouri. Subjects were invited by automated personalized email to fill in the questionnaire and received one follow-up e-mail 15 days after the initial invitation. Data were analyzed using SPSS.