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Nemsysco Speech Analysis for Security use

Nemesysco Security is committed to the prevention of crime and terror anywhere in the world, using the most advanced noninvasive speech-analysis technologies available. Nemesysco Security develops turn-key and embedded solutions for professional investigation management and investigation rooms, access control and airport security, crime and terror prevention and intelligence gathering.

Investigation focus tool
LVA 6.50 – Investigation focus tool
LVA 6.50 in online mode
LVA 6.50 in online mode

LVA 6.50™ – Investigation Focus Tool

For the professional investigator

The LVA 6.50 is the investigator’s best friend. Using its 3 security level speech analysis modes of operation, it provides the professional user easy access to truth verification in real time or from recorded data, during face to face and over the phone, in a free or structured investigation session. Check for more.


CS1 installed in border controll booth
CS1 Rapid Access Control

Crystal Sky™ and GK1™ – Border Control / Access Control

“CS1” (Crystal Sky) is a rapid assessment and screening access control system for security checkpoints. It can help determine malicious intentions of passengers using a sophisticated yet user friendly spech analysis solution, providing real time integrity analysis based on the passenger’s vocal response to the questions posed by the security official or the system itself.

“GK1” (the Gate Keeper) is an automated multi-lingual solution, designed for rapid risk

GK1 access control for airport
GK1 Airport Securty

assessment and harmful intentions detection of passengers in transit, for security and other needs.

lawful interception speech analysis
lawful interception speech analysis

SCA1 – |Nemesysco Security Level Call Analyzer.

Multi-channel analysis for lawful interception systems

For Intelligence use only (system integrators) . Please contact us for more details.