Speech Analysis Technology

Nemesysco’s Speech Analysis technologies

Nemesysco’s technology was originally invented in 1997, and is being developed ever since in consultation with experts from different relevant fields (psychology, criminology, psychiatry, mathematics and others).

The technology is based on a proprietary set of vocal parameters found through research to correlate with key human emotions, and in various combinations to be able to identify deceptive intentions in “real life” scenarios. These vocal parameters were identified from a bank of audio files taken in different languages and a numerous settings, including police interrogations, call centers and controlled experiments.

Many of the speech parameters Nemesysco’s technology uses are new to the world of phonetics, and focus on the uncontrolled and yet phonetically unexplained properties of the human voice.

Layered Voice Analysis (LVA)

LVA is a security-level technology designed to serve professional investigators in their line of work, by providing indications that further directs the investigation procedure to the relevant path. LVA analyses can be performed in real-time (using a microphone or on a telephone conversation) as well as off-line on previously recorded material.

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SENSE Technology

The commercial version of LVA speech analysis technology, SENSE concentrates on the emotional make-up of the analyzed party. Vocal properties found to indicate embarrassment, excitement, concentration, attention and anticipation are calculated and measured. SENSE is designed for personal day-to-day scenarios and is not intended for formal investigation use. While SENSE utilizes only a subset of LVA’s analytical parameters, the technology is based on the same core mathematical principles.

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