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Cover Stories on LVA

Amir Liberman on Time Magazine
Time Europe – the Lying Game

“…During the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Liberman demonstrated the system on President Clinton’s famous disclaimer, “I did not have sexual

relations with that woman.” After analyzing an audio tape of the statement 100 times, the Verdicator showed that Clinton “was telling the truth,” Liberman says, “but he had very high levels of cognitive stress, or ‘guilt knowledge.’ He didn’t have sexual relations, but he did have something else.”



LVA technology on Aviation Security magazine
LVA on Aviation Security

“…The Israeli-based company Nemesysco is responsible for developing the “GK-1” multilevel voice analysis system. This is a system that is claimed to be able to analyse the”intent” and potential threat from individual passengers…””






Amir Liberman on Speech Technology
Speech Technologies cover on Nemesysco Speech analysis

“…Nemesysco explains that LVA is not a voice stress analysis technology

but instead uses its own patented technology to detect brain activity traces in a subject’s voice via a wide spectrum analysis. LVA, Nemesysco says, is comprised of a set of unique signal processing algorithms that identify different types of stress, cognitive processes, and emotional reactions. “..  ..”But LVA has much more wide-ranging applications than fraud detection. …. The company’s QA5 software development kit provides voice analysis for automated quality assurance and customer relationship management. The QA5 technology engine integrates into existing call center solutions to analyze prerecorded and/or ongoing calls and

alerts managers when problematic call events occur.”

Duke university research on Nemesysco's Speech analysis text
Duke research on Journal of Finance


“Abstract:We measure managerial affective states during earnings conference calls by analyzing conference call audio files using vocal emotion analysis software. We hypothesize and find that, when managers are scrutinized by analysts during conference calls, positive and negative affects displayed by managers are informative about the firm’s

financial future. Analysts do not incorporate this information when forecasting near-term earnings. When making stock recommendation changes, however, analysts incorporate positive but not negative affect. This study presents new evidence that managerial vocal cues contain useful information about a firm’s fundamentals, incremental to both quantitative earnings information and qualitative “soft” information conveyed by linguistic content…”


“…It has been Liberman’s observation that most people tend to confuse stress and anger. Stress, he says, is derived from feeling trapped. Anger, on the other hand, translates into: “I’m trapped, but I’m getting out no matter what.” Knowing this, Nemesysco’s solution tracks the development of stress and anger separately. “When a customer calls to complain about something, he expects to find empathy,” Liberman says. “Once he doesn’t find it, his frustration is growing bigger, and so will his stress.” That is genuine emotion, and the key is to get in before the point of no return, right before stress turns to anger, he notes…”



Vivian Wagner, CRM Buyer - Nemesysco's Speech Analysis for call centers
Vivian Wagner, CRM Buyer – Speech Analysis for call centers

How people speak is as important as the words they say when it comes to sentiment analysis. “The human voice is made of many repeating patterns,” said Amir Liberman, CEO of Nemesysco. “Everything that attracts your attention will generate a slight disturbance in these patterns. We look carefully at this voice chart, and we identify disturbances.”


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