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Interested in adding Speech Analysis into your products?

Nemesysco gives you the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of Emotion Detection and Veracity Assessment by integrating its technology into your solutions. Combining features of Speech analysis and emotion detection creates added value and can provide you a competitive edge.

Use Nemesysco technologies to build your own solution:

  • IVR-based content services
  • Fraud prevention solutions
  • Call center, CRM and speech analytics applications
  • Television productions
  • Cellular devices
  • Interactive web sites and Internet communication solutions
  • Software solutions and games
  • Smart marketing campaigns
  • Embedded systems and hand held devices
  • Simulation games and professional level military combat simulators
  • Emotion based search engines
  • Smart (and smarter…) cars
  • Any thing else you can think of really…

The Stress analysis applicationEmotion detection using LVA in Panasonic Cellular phone

With a minimal memory and CPU consumption, Nemesysco’s technologies can run on variety of platforms, ranging from small embedded systems to multi channel server based solutions.


Call Center quality assurance
QA5 call center speech analysis

QA5 SDK – Speech Analysis technology for call centers’ quality assurance and customer relationship management

Using speech analysis, Nemesysco’s QA5 technology engine integrates into your existing call center solution to seamlessly analyze pre-recorded and/or ongoing calls and automatically highlight relevant calls demanding the supervisor’s attention. QA5 outputs can further be used for automated report generation, staff and shifts optimization, automated scoring systems, and far more…


LVA-i automated speech analysis platform
LVA-i automated speech analysis platform

Nemesysco’s LVA-i development platform

Vendors and developers in many market segments can now use Nemesysco’s Automated LVA-i speech analysis platform and create customized, multilingual questionnaires for various needs:

  • Market research / emotion detection
  • Risk assessment (credit, sports, car rentals…)
  • Human resources management & Emotional profiling
  • Truth verification

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